Discover the Importance of Accessibility in eLearning

It’s easy for eLearning designers to lose sight of the fact that what works for many does not work for all. There are a lot of people who have some layer of challenge or disability that prevents them from participating in a typical eLearning design. How can we address that and make our designs more inclusive for people who struggle with different challenges?

At the eLearning Accessibility Summit, you will explore accessibility within eLearning design and gain a better understanding of the challenges people face and the work being done across the globe to accommodate these challenges.

Gain the Knowledge and Tools to Accommodate Accessibility

Industry experts will share tips on how to improve eLearning design to be in line with accessibility standards. Professionals from outside the field will home in on the “why,” to help you understand the importance of accessibility and the associated regulations.


Accessibility: Designing Learning Experiences for All with Brian Dusablon
Accessibility is about more than compliance. In this session, you will examine real-world scenarios and stories about accessibility and how design can benefit everyone.

Accessibility Features of Today’s Authoring Tools with Diane Elkins
Whether you are required to be Section 508 compliant by law or you are choosing to do it on your own, do you know what authoring tools will get you there?

Lean Accessibility: Building Inclusive Design into Your Agile Workflow with Elle Waters
Learn how agile and accessibility make excellent partners in building a lean, cost-effective practice of of user-centered, value-based design and development.

Open Your eLearning Design to Everyone

Over the span of two days, individuals from both within and outside the learning industry will discuss accessibility in eLearning. These speakers will explore why this important topic sometimes lacks urgency and why that needs to change, both from a compliance standpoint and a moral standpoint.

Jane Bozarth
eLearning Coordinator
State of North Carolina

Brian Dusablon
Learning Technology Consultant
Learning Ninjas

Diane Elkins
Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered

Pamela Hogle
Staff Writer
Learning Solutions Magazine

Jean Marrapodi
Senior eLearning Designer
Illumina Interactive


Robin Smail
UX Designer
Penn State University

Elle Waters
Director of Strategy
Simply Accessible

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