With the global economy in constant flux, today's enterprises are placing greater emphasis on efficiency and productivity. These factors are directly impacted by employees' reliance on multiple applications they work with. This has led to a growing digital skills gap in the workforce. To accelerate organizational productivity, L&D teams need to create learning programs that seamlessly integrate into the flow of work, avoiding disruptions to employees' work environments. Learning must be continuous and personalized to enhance knowledge retention and employee output.

During this talk, your speaker, Rohit Tirkey, digital adoption specialist and product marketer at Whatfix, will present ideas on how L&D can implement workflow learning to deliver digital upskilling at scale and bridge the digital skills gap.

Key takeaways:
  • How L&D can redesign training programs to drive performance and productivity.
  • Effective strategies for implementing workflow learning in your organization.
  • How Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) can assist L&D in digitally transforming their workforces and improving productivity.