Today's learners are demanding more accessible, flexible learning opportunities. Before investing in coursework, they want to be confident that each new skill they master is a meaningful step on the path to career success. They're looking for better ways to demonstrate their competencies to employers - and for those employers to recognize their legitimacy in turn.

Unfortunately, learners are also faced with an explosion in the number of training options from associations, traditional higher education institutions, and other online and offline entities. Learning pathways eliminate this confusion, guiding participants through structured, but personalized, journeys towards a specific goal.

Paired with a strong microcredential strategy, organizations that create learning pathways report improvements in learner engagement measures, program referral and reenrollment rates, and employment outcomes for participants.

  • How to craft learning pathways that connect skill-based learning to specific career outcomes 
  • How leading issuers like Wharton Online are leveraging pathways and digital credentials to drive continuous learning
  • How this technology-forward approach can turn satisfied learners into your program's most effective fuel for growth


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