Learning for All: How to Use Customer Education Content to Fuel L&D

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Webinars - April 20, 2022

Amanda LeFranc

Manager, Learning and Development
Thought Industries

Streamed live from Learning Solutions 2022 Conference & Expo

Effective customer education programs change the game for the businesses they serve. They alleviate the burden of "wash, rinse, repeat" training, freeing time for strategic conversations that build true partnership. They allow companies to meet their learners in their moment of need, with answers tailored to specific problems and situations. Often, they measurably improve product adoption, customer retention, net new revenue, and long-term loyalty.

In this session, we'll share lessons learned from working with industry leaders in customer education. We'll cover:

  • A new way of considering the customer, providing value to them as a learner as well as a product user
  • The economic impact of an educated customer, from pre-sales to post-sales and advocacy
  • Common barriers to success and ways to avoid common roadblocks

Technologies addressed: Thought Industries


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