Building a successful customer learning community: A case study

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Webinars - December 2, 2021

Rachel Griffith-Boyes

Head of Community Services

How do you engage your customers as an extended enterprise business, and ensure customer success with your products?

One answer is to build a high-quality customer learning community. In this session Rachel Griffith-Boyes, Head of Community Services at Totara, the award-winning talent experience software company, will share their journey from separate, underused Community and Academy sites to a combined learning community which has more than doubled in size over three years, and is now used by 75% of their customers.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Build a learning community from scratch
  • Combine formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Tie customer engagement to user performance/customer experience
  • Keep your community members coming back for more


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