Viewer Video Habits, Trends, And Statistics You Need To Know

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eBooks - January 11, 2021

by TechSmith Corporation

Video has emerged as one of the most powerful and widely used formats for delivering trainings and instructions- regardless of who your audience is. The vast majority of businesses have embraced video as a marketing, training, and communication tool with customers and employees alike. The acceptance and consumption of video continues to grow across most demographics. 

This should come as no surprise: As employees, students, and customers increasingly expect information to be available in video format, businesses are embracing video for its benefits, visual appeal, and effectiveness. 

The big question is no longer “Should I create a video?” Instead, we need to focus on the question “How do I create videos that are effective and that get watched?” 

The TechSmith Video Viewer research provides unique insights into when, why, and how today’s consumers engage with informational and instructional video content, as well as best practices to ensure your instructional and informational videos are efficient and effective. Discover how you can revamp your own video content to find a better way to connect with your audience. 

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