The task of switching to a new LMS can be daunting, but it’s a natural choice for organizations to consider in order to provide a platform that can utilize modern technology and better support today’s learners. The selection process is different for all organizations across the industry. However, there are obvious common denominators that together create a set of best practices for making the process of reviewing and implementing a new LMS easier.

Organizations interested in exploring what it would mean to change their LMS can use these best practices, which include:

  • Signals to look for that indicate it may be time to consider a new LMS
  • Strategies L&D professionals can use to combat resistance to change
  • Steps necessary in making a successful transition to the new platform
  • Common obstacles leaders may encounter, and how to face them
  • Practical tips to make the process as smooth as possible

This paper, Overcoming Common Pain Points When Switching to a New LMS, by Susan Jacobs with Tracie Cantu, Jennifer De Vries, and Debbie Richards, will examine each of these topics in greater detail.

All Contributors

Tracie Cantu

Director of Learning Technology, Whole Foods Market

Jennifer De Vries

President, BlueStreak Learning

Susan Jacobs

Publications Manager, The Learning Guild

Debbie Richards

President, Creative Interactive Ideas