The Open-Source Moodle Revolution in Corporate Training & Development

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Webinars - March 30, 2017

Brian Carlson

CEO and Co-Founder
eThink Education

Randy Jones

Vice President of Business Development & Strategy
eThink Education

Corporations, hospitals, non-profits, and many other organizations are making the switch to open-source Moodle, the world’s most widely used learning platform, to meet their professional development, onboarding, compliance, and other training needs. Driving this trend is the fact that open-source software is both free to use as well as highly customizable to meet specific user needs. No matter the type of organization, Moodle can streamline best-of-breed training content into a centralized online environment for a more flexible, efficient, and economical training solution.

In this session, we will highlight why open-source technologies such as Moodle are superior and discuss trends in training platform adoption. You will learn why open-source Moodle sets the bar for professional education and how an organization can best take advantage of this cost-effective solution.  We will also discuss best practices for using Moodle as a training tool, such as how to create an efficient onboarding process, use analytics to track employee training and improve outcomes and skillsets, and how to incorporate eCommerce functionality such as a shopping cart to share/sell courses.

You will gain insights on:

  • The growing open-source trend in the corporate sector
  • How Moodle allows clients to demand the highest level of service at the lowest price point
  • Best practices in Moodle implementation and utilization



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