Have you ever watched a web-based conference session and wondered, “how’d they do that?”  When slides or polls appear or videos pop up and play automatically, it’s not magic! There’s a person behind every action who must click, type or drag to make things happen.  If you’re always the participant and never the presenter, join this session to take a peek at how it’s done.

In this session, we’ll explore aspects of the Adobe Connect software from a presenter’s point of view so you can see what you’ve been missing.   

You will learn how to:
  • Choose the right type of webinar room (Meeting, Training, Event, Webinar) for your event
  • Customize settings and features to accommodate planned interactions
  • Document delivery plan in a shared location
  • Communicate with team members using secret and private messaging
  • Manage participant questions and technical issues
  • Deliver consistent sessions using templates
  • Discover what Presenters do that Participants don’t see

New to webinars, new to upgraded webinar tools, IDers.