701 The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, February 9

It is harder than ever to deliver the information employees need at the moment they need it. Microlearning has gained a lot of traction as a solution to this deficit. Many organizations know that providing targeted information to their employees in micro formats is more effective compared to long articles and courses. However, traditional microlearning still requires learners to step out of context to search and discover the information.

Context is becoming ever more important. Microlearning by itself is good; contextual microlearning is better. This session will compare examples of microlearning versus contextual microlearning. We will start by looking at how microlearning formats came to be and what challenges microlearning sought to solve. We will also look at how microlearning works within organizations and the learner’s journey. Then we will talk about what is still working with microlearning and what is not. We will explore the concept and cost of context switching. Then we will see the power of contextual microlearning and the benefits of bringing information to the user at their moment of need, in the context of their own environment, and within the flow of their work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How microlearning came to be and what challenges it looked to solve
  • Why traditional microlearning is not as effective as it used to be
  • What contextual microlearning is
  • The differences between microlearning and contextual microlearning
  • How to apply contextual microlearning within your organization
  • How to calculate ROI of contextual microlearning


Asif Rehmani



Asif Rehmani is hyper-focused on the areas of digital transformation and employee experiences. He advises CIOs at organizations around the world on how best to support and train their employees with a blended training approach. Asif is the CEO of VisualSP and has been training and mentoring on technologies since 2002. He has authored several books for Wiley publications and has spoken at conferences around the world.

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