See Best Practices for Designing and Delivering Microlearning

Defining microlearning simply as short learning or training content misses the point. Reframing microlearning as a concept or a strategy empowers you to leverage microlearning to hone skills, build knowledge, and boost performance. Viewing microlearning as a design approach frees you to consider it as one option—among many—for creating effective content that provides learners with opportunities to learn, practice, and apply new skills and evaluate their progress.

The Microlearning Online Conference explores microlearning from every angle. You’ll learn how and why to add microlearning to your training strategy, as well as what to consider when deciding whether microlearning is the right choice to resolve a knowledge gap or performance issue. We’ll share best practices for engaging microlearning design, regardless of delivery medium, and offer tips on choosing tools for creating and delivering microlearning to learners.

Explore Microlearning From Every Angle

Learn best practices for engaging microlearning design, regardless of delivery medium, and see tips on choosing tools for creating and delivering microlearning to learners.

What the Heck Is Microlearning? with Carla Torgerson

Follow These 7 Principles to Design Effective Microlearning with Robyn A. Defelice

The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning with Asif Rehmani

Prepare by Joining us for an Online Workshop

Join us on February 6 & 7 from 10 AM – 1:30 PM PT. In this workshop you'll learn to understand microlearning as a method, a campaign, and a product, how to develop a measurable framework for a microlearning campaign and map a campaign to that framework, and more. Learn more.

Make Performance-Driven Microlearning Work for Your Organization

Robyn A. Defelice, Consultant and Learning Strategist

In this workshop attendees will be encouraged toward a multifaceted view of microlearning as a concept for developing an individual’s aptitudes or skills, and as a method for building or refining skills and behaviors over time by targeting facets of those skills or behaviors through repetition.

Hear From the Experts

Hear from our expert speakers as they share what microlearning is, principles to design effective microlearning, contextual microlearning, and more!

Carla Torgerson
Head of Learning Experience Strategy

Robyn A. Defelice
Consultant and Learning Strategist


Vince Han
CEO and Founder
Mobile Coach

Phoenix R. Cavalier
Founder and CEO
AR4Work and Verus Creative


Markus Bernhardt
Chief Evangelist
Obrizum Group

Dan Belhassen
Founder and CEO
Neovation Learning Solutions

Asif Rehmani

Danielle Wallace
Chief Learning Strategist
Beyond the Sky

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