How can you make your learning deliverables appealing, effective, and truly memorable? While high-quality content and instructional design are the foundation of any effective learning deliverable, good graphics and visual design help attract learners to your content and can make that content both more understandable and more easily remembered.

But here’s the challenge: Most of us aren’t trained in the visual arts and don’t have unlimited access to the talents of visual artists. So how then can we successfully and consistently select and create graphics and visual designs that will enhance and support our content and instructional designs?

Fortunately, with some inspiration, creativity, and application of basic visual principles, you can dramatically improve your learning deliverables’ graphics and visual design. For this eBook, we asked 12 learning professionals—a few experts in the visual arts, but many who have just mastered some of the basics—to share their tips for making learning memorable with graphics and visual design. The 61 tips cover topics including:

  • Finding inspiration and nurturing creativity
  • Visual design and layout
  • Keeping things simple, consistent, and on-brand
  • Using graphics and text effectively
  • Supporting learning through intuitive interfaces
  • Testing for quality and ensuring instructional integrity

The eBook is available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. Complete the form below and download the eBook today!