The potential for performance support has never been greater. But selling performance support, especially if it is new to the organization, comes with unique challenges, from lack of awareness and confusion to downright suspicion. Beyond the technical barriers that must be overcome, there may also be organizational cultural barriers and individual histories and preferences that are often incompatible with something new. It represents a fundamental change in thinking about how people “learn” to perform, or even whether “learning” is always a necessary precursor to performance. So how do you get uncertain and resistant leaders, clients, and users to take a chance on a potentially game-changing approach to performance improvement?

In this free white paper, Selling Performance Support: Building Stakeholder Buy-in, Marc J. Rosenberg examines the four attributes of making the case for performance support: an overall strategy, preparation for and the presentation itself, overcoming objections to performance support, and the role of change management. He also includes examples from the field and advice for what to do if you’re unable to make the sale.