People are using mobile technology everywhere these days: at work, in school, while shopping, waiting for a bus, riding to work, in front of the TV … This explosive adoption and use of mobile technologies opens up a new world and opportunity for learning at the moment of need anytime, anywhere. If you are just looking into mobile learning for your organization or you have already launched an mLearning initiative in your organization, this eBook provides 61 ideas to help you maximize the effectiveness of your mLearning. Drawing from the experts who will be presenting at The eLearning Guild’s 100th Online Forum in December 2012, “mLearning: Making Learning Mobile,” this eBook gives valuable insights in areas including:

  • The Why and How of mLearning
  • Design and Content
  • Tech, Techies, and You
  • Trial and Error
  • Attracting and Retaining Your Audience