In The eLearning Guild’s 2018 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report, Temple Smolen reports findings from the Guild’s salary survey. Along with comparisons based on US data, this year’s report also includes a dedicated section for global compensation. All data is broken down by location, gender, industry, company size, education level, job focus area, and other variables.

The worldwide average is up 1.3% compared to 2017. However, average salaries vary dramatically, ranging from $84,421 in the US to $38,534 in India. Worldwide, the average salary for eLearning professionals has increased, with 2018 reporting the highest-ever average of $79,834.

The report includes a link to the Guild’s 2018 Salary Calculator, which gives users the option to compute and compare baseline salaries. The calculator also includes two new interactive charts that visitors can use to review US metropolitan area compensation and to investigate gender pay gap differences.

The data in the report was collected from more than 3,300 online survey respondents from 76 countries.

Use the 2018 Salary Calculator, along with two new interactive charts, to compute and compare baseline eLearning salaries, review compensation across US metropolitan areas, and investigate gender pay gap differences. View Calculator.