In our industry, it’s becoming increasingly important to think outside the box and change up standard learning delivery methods—from using interactive videos to xAPI-enabled apps. What makes your project stand out? What differentiates it from a learning experience designed by someone else?

In this eBook, Beyond the Next Button, we’ve gathered the thoughts of industry gurus on how we, as learning professionals, can go beyond the Next button. We can push industry limits in many ways, such as by exploring tools and frameworks found in other fields. We can then see how we can implement these methods with a learning perspective in our own work. The authors explore this technique and share many more tips for improving the design of digital learning experiences.

Download this eBook and see how you can take advantage of what is out there and challenge how your eLearning is structured.

All Contributors

Jeff Batt

Founder, Learning Dojo

Diane Elkins

Owner/Founder, E-Learning Uncovered

Melissa Milloway

Sr. Learning Experience Designer, Amazon

Clark Quinn

Chief Learning Strategist, Upside Learning

Sam Rogers

President, Snap Synapse

Mike Taylor

Learning Consultant, Mike Taylor