401 Taking a User Experience (UX) Approach to Learning Analytics

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Wednesday, September 27

You want to start turning the data from your learning ecosystem into insights that guide your people and learning strategy. You've integrated all your content providers into a learning experience platform (LXP) and have a learning record store (LRS) to pool your data. So how do you turn data from multiple sources across your learning ecosystem into real-time reports? It’s time to put on your UX designer hat.

This case study shows how Fannie Mae partnered with Watershed to push learning analytics design. You'll see how Fannie Mae started its journey by using personas to identify needs. A hands-on exercise will help you develop personas, requirements, and mockups—essential tools for bridging the xAPI gap with stakeholders.

In this session we'll discuss the types of insights Fannie Mae has discovered, and how its investment in learning analytics enables L&D to move from being reactive to proactive. Discover how smart analysis of data can improve the learner experience and help you deliver more effective learning programs by identifying current pain points and factoring this into future learning design.

Alexa Krezel

Program Manager

Fannie Mae

Alexa Krezel is a project management professional focused on guiding teams through digital transformation. She has spent more than 20 years aligned to the learning and development industry, bringing her instructional design and change management skills to further the business. Alexa has a master’s degree in instructional design from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Madeline Holiman

Senior Reporting Associate

Fannie Mae

Madeline Holiman is a data analyst with 10 years of experience working with HR analytics and reporting. She enjoys working with clients to understand their data needs and seeks to transform complex data into valuable insights for the business. New to the learning space, Madeline worked with Fannie Mae's learning development team to refine their data requirements for their new LRS and partnered with Watershed to develop reports that would answer the team's most pressing questions.

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