101 What the Heck Is Microlearning?

8:15 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday, February 8

It seems that every training professional wants to “go micro” but they all define microlearning differently. So, what the heck is microlearning?

In this session, we’ll consider how a number of leading thought leaders define what microlearning is and what it is not to create our own understanding of this popular but ill-defined term. Then we’ll discuss four primary use cases for microlearning and look at real examples of each, examining successful uses of these different types of microlearning in organizations today. Finally, you will consider how you can use these types of microlearning in your own work.

This session will provide you with a strong understanding of the primary ways microlearning can be used and set a foundation that will help you to define clear strategies and best practices for “going micro.”

In this session, you will learn:

  • What we mean by “microlearning”
  • What microlearning is not
  • Four use cases where microlearning is highly effective
  • How you can use microlearning in your own learning development toolkit

Carla Torgerson

Solution Architect


Carla Torgerson, MEd, MBA has nearly 25 years of experience as an instructional designer and instructional strategist. Always interested in the latest learning trends, she has authored numerous blogs and articles on a variety of topics, including eLearning, mobile learning, and microlearning. She also developed MILE, the MIcroLEarning Design Model© and is the author of The Microlearning Guide to Microlearning and Designing Microlearning (with Sue Iannone). Currently a Solution Architect at SweetRush, Carla helps clients to dream up amazing performance solutions that both consider their learners’ needs and meet business objectives. SweetRush is known for exceptionally creative and effective solutions that combine the best of learning experience design with highly engaging delivery. Connect with Carla on LinkedIn for insights and announcements: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlatorgerson/

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