101 Facilitator Skills for the Modern Virtual Classroom

8:15 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday, August 4

Virtual classroom platforms have evolved significantly in the past year, providing new features and new ways to connect with participants. At the same time, participants have started to expect more from their virtual classes. The traditional “listen while someone presents content” model of virtual training is no longer relevant or even tolerated. As a facilitator, have you adapted your mindset, your toolset, and your skill set to meet these new expectations?

In this session, you’ll learn new facilitation techniques and new ways to engage online audiences. From incorporating artificial intelligence tools to using next-generation polling and immersive whiteboards, you’ll explore new techniques to capture and maintain attention. Whether you are brand new to live online delivery or have been facilitating virtual events for years, and regardless of which online platform you use, you will be sure to leave this session with new ideas, new tips, and new techniques.

Cindy Huggett

Principal Consultant

Cindy Huggett Consulting

Cindy Huggett, the principal consultant at Cindy Huggett Consulting, is a speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in technology, leadership, and learning. Cindy has published three books on virtual training: Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning (2017), The Virtual Training Guidebook: How to Design, Deliver, and Implement Live Online Learning (2014), and Virtual Training Basics, 2nd ed. (2018). She helps organizations and training professionals move to the virtual classroom. Cindy is a past member of the ATD National Board of Directors and was one of the first to earn the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) designation.

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