701 The Role of Learning Culture in Facilitating Change

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, May 28

In times of change, learning moves front-and-center. To be successful at change, you need an environment in which learning is well supported and thriving. It stands to reason that if you already have a healthy learning culture, change is more easily accommodated. But if your learning culture has weaknesses, change will likely be more difficult.

In this session we’ll discuss how to evaluate the health of your learning culture, and how to strengthen the elements that may need shoring up. It won’t be easy to work on learning culture at the same time as the organization is stressed by change, but it may also be the opportunity you need to implement actions that will cultivate learning culture in the short and long term.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The foundations of learning culture
  • Cultural barriers to learning and change
  • Tactics that strengthen learning culture

Catherine Lombardozzi

Learning Strategy Consultant/Founder

Learning 4 Learning Professionals

Catherine Lombardozzi is a lifelong learning and development practitioner and founder of Learning 4 Learning Professionals. Her work focuses on supporting the professional development of designers, facilitators, faculty, consultants, and learning leaders through coaching, consulting, workshops, and development programs. As an active workplace learning professional with nearly 35 years' experience, Catherine often contributes to professional conferences and journals, and she teaches graduate-level courses in adult learning, instructional design, e-collaboration and consulting. She is author of Learning Environments by Design (2015). Catherine holds a doctoral degree in human and organizational learning from George Washington University.

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