General Cohort Info

The xAPI Cohort is a community-based program that offers the chance to connect with others and gain experience with xAPI. The Cohort runs for 12 weeks and provides weekly sessions to help you accomplish your xAPI goals. Session content ranges from introductory to advanced, so no matter your skill level, if you’re looking for a hands-on, learn-by-doing experience, the Cohort is the right choice for you.

xAPI Cohorts run twice a year in spring and fall semesters.

Work and participation happen synchronously in the Weekly Live Session, and asynchronously in Slack.


Weekly live sessions are held every Thursday at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET during an active semester (spring or fall). For 2024, our live sessions are held in Airmeet. Read Airmeet attendee guide.


After the live sessions, a weekly update (with links to recordings, etc.) is sent to all Cohort members via email.


Each semester, participants form learning pods in the first few weeks of the semester. A pod can either continue work from a previous semester, building upon their own efforts or that of a previous group or start from scratch and work on whatever interests them.

You are under no obligation to join a learning pod. You can join a pod’s Slack channel and just read along without actively participating if you’re interested in the topic.

Often there is an informal (and sometimes formal) pod leader, though the only representative officially asked for is someone who can give a rundown of their activity in weekly pod updates to the broader Cohort.


Most of the weekly communication between participants and broad organizer announcements happens in Slack. When you sign up for the Cohort, you should receive an invitation to the Slack workspace.

You can join as many channels as you want, and feel free to lurk—you are under no obligation to participate if you’re just curious.

Read how to View and Join channels

Read articles on How to Use Slack


There are a few Slack channels that everyone starts with:

  • #main
    This is where the broadest communication happens between Cohort participants.
  • #social
    Get loose, throw in some GIFs, request recipes, etc.
  • #resources
    Can be links to articles/posts, free trials, etc.
  • #xapignome-social-media
    This is a Twitter feed from the xAPI Gnome, the official mascot of the xAPI Cohort.

The remaining Cohort communication is broken into various channels by type:

  • #team-xxxxxxxxx
    These are the Team channels that form around projects and where group activity occurs.
  • #discuss-xxxxxxxxx
    This is to gather discussion around a particular topic, but unrelated to any particular Team.
  • #z….xxxxxxx
    These are “archived” Teams. Before every new season, Team Channels are prefixed with [z][year][season] so the contents can still be accessed, but out of the primary channel flow. Sometimes, they are pulled out of retirement for another mission or can rest peacefully, just waiting for a visitor. If you’d like to resurrect a sleeping Team, just remove the prefix (and perhaps let the #main channel know).

Follow the xAPI Gnome on Twitter for updates about the xAPI Cohort and resources throughout the semester.

Join the conversation with hashtag: #xAPICohort

Questions and comments can be sent to