The Fall 2023 Semester begins August 3, 2023. 

Sessions take place every Thursday at 11am PT / 2pm ET

2023 Fall Sessions

Week 1: August 3

Introduction to xAPI: Foundational Elements and Specification
Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo

Join the opening session of the xAPI Cohort to gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational elements of xAPI. This session will provide a no-code introduction focusing on the what and the why of xAPI beyond eLearning, setting the stage for the weekly sessions.



Week 2: August 10

It's Time to Stop Thinking that xAPI Is a Replacement for SCORM
Chad Udell, SparkLearn

Explore the broader applications of xAPI beyond traditional SCORM-like use cases in this session. Discover how xAPI can be utilized in marketing platform engagement metrics, line of business software platforms, and social media/web analytics. Learn how analytics and reporting tools can serve as powerful business intelligence sources for your L&D department, uncovering insights on learner engagement, productivity, and more.



Week 3: August 17

Expanding Design Options with xAPI: Moving Beyond Data
Laura Bunte, E & E Consortium

Expand your design options using xAPI in this session. Challenge the prevailing notion of xAPI as solely data-related and for reporting purposes. Gain a clear understanding of xAPI terms, explore innovative design considerations, and new and innovative ways to design learning for xAPI implementation, all while incorporating current technology, trends, and examples.



Week 4: August 24

Data Ethics in L&D: Navigating Challenges and Promoting Ethical Practices
Stella Lee, Paradox

In this session you will learn the definition of data ethics and its relevance to L&D. The session emphasizes why data ethics matters; citing the impact on learning design, the significance of data in business, the rise of AI, and the consequences of neglecting data ethics. We'll discuss the challenges around prescriptive learning, unintended bias, and privacy concerns. You will discover actionable steps to ensure data ethics such as asking questions, promoting data literacy, implementing governance and policy, and adopting a Privacy by Design framework. Resources for further learning will be provided.



Week 5: August 31

Adopting and Implementing xAPI for Enhanced Learner Engagement and Analytics
Khalid Alreemy, National eLearning Center

Learn from a real-life implementation of xAPI in an organization aiming to integrate multiple LMSs with the National eLearning Center. Understand the rationale behind xAPI adoption, implementation strategies, and the valuable data being collected. Gain insights into showcasing xAPI-generated dashboards and how they contribute to learning quality, AI, and more.



Week 6: September 7

Leveraging xAPI in LMS: Enhancing Learning Efficiency and Data-driven Insights
Duncan Welder, RISC

Discover how to leverage xAPI in your LMS to enhance learning experiences and make data-driven decisions. Explore immersive learning, mobile delivery, personalization, and spaced repetition techniques enabled by xAPI. Uncover how xAPI data provides valuable insights into training consumption and facilitates in-depth content evaluation.



Week 7: September 14

Panel Session: Integrating xAPI into Existing Ecosystems
Julian Davis, Qualnet Technologies, and Alfonso Riley, Caterpillar

Explore strategies for integrating xAPI into your existing organizational digital learning environments in this panel discussion. Learn effective approaches to communicate the benefits of xAPI to stakeholders and gain their buy-in.



Week 8: September 21

Implementing xAPI in Your Organization: Tips for Successful Adoption and Implementation
Megan Torrance, TorranceLearning

Explore the common pathway to xAPI adoption followed by many organizations in this session. Gain valuable insights into building a business case, establishing data governance, and creating statement profiles. Benefit from practical tools, templates, and real case examples that will guide you on your xAPI implementation journey.



Week 9: September 28

Roadmap and Data Security in xAPI Implementation
Peter Hawkins, Global Vision

Learn the best practices and receive practical tools and templates through real-life case studies in this session. Develop a roadmap for successful xAPI implementation, including building a compelling business case, establishing data governance, and creating statement profiles. Understand how to manage data security effectively while satisfying internal requirements.



Week 10: October 5

Crafting Complex Statements with xAPI Canvas and Workshop Techniques
Nicola Mastrorilli, Cartesiani

Discover how to define complex statements using an xAPI canvas and workshop facilitation techniques. Learn how to adapt group training exercises and games to design generative xAPI statements effectively.



Week 11: October 12

Data-driven Decision Making: Custom Dashboards for Learner Insights
Dr. Wendy Morgan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Matt Kliewer, TorranceLearning

Delve into the world of data-driven decision-making with Dr. Wendy Morgan. Explore how captured data can be displayed and utilized to inform decisions about learners, learning experiences, and overall program success. Gain valuable insights into creating custom dashboards for any LRS, with case studies serving as examples.



Week 12: October 19

Navigating Procurement and Interoperability: Stakeholders and xAPI
Chris Tompkins, Rustici Software

Enhance your understanding of the procurement process and maximize the potential of your technology investments in this session. Discover how to include crucial guidance on xAPI and eLearning standards interoperability in your RFPs. Future-proof your purchases and ensure seamless integration by gaining valuable insights and knowledge about xAPI 2.0.

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