For all the experience many learning teams have with designing and delivering instructor-led and online training, the prospect of scaling mLearning’s “mountain of opportunity” is proving unnerving and complicated for many individuals and organizations. The rewards inherent in mobility are tangible and easy to grasp, but the challenges loom large. What can you do to ensure mLearning success and low risk without losing the thrill of mastering this new endeavor perched high up in thinner air?
Participants in this session will learn how to set lofty but achievable goals for your ascent up the grand mobile-learning teton. You’ll learn to appreciate the importance of proper planning and conditioning, understand how the right equipment and tools can make your climb easier, discover how to pick a qualified team to guide and support your efforts, see how to mitigate the many obstacles bound to arise, start to identify the ideal time to launch your assault, and eventually benefit from the many perspectives gained from your accomplishments and failures.
In this session, you will learn:

  • What works and what doesn’t in mobile learning
  • When informal mLearning is more appropriate and practical than formal mLearning
  • How to overcome mLearning technical, security, and process constraints
  • Where mLearning obstacles normally appear and how to overcome them
  • Who benefits the most from mLearning, and who likes it best