mLearning is a powerful tool for professional development, but all the hype can distract us from determining how to get the most out of it. Different learning sectors and nations have taken the basic idea and developed mLearning in a diverse and exciting range of ways. This has led to several years of creative, disruptive, and technological tension…and a few dead ends. However, despite an emerging consensus of how to use this powerful new tool, we have not managed to share these messages effectively with the broader learning community. The messages are further diluted by the enthusiasm of key stakeholders: Potential clients, eager to allow learners to have “mLearning,” but not quite ready for the changes that might entail. And potential suppliers, eager to get involved, but trapped in older models of learning-content delivery.

To address this challenge, we need to start by thinking big and by looking at the wide range of ways mobile learning has made an impact on different learning scenarios. This does not stop in one sector (K–12, universities, corporate training), nor is it limited to one mode of learning delivery (classroom-based, remote). Rather, it spans these to cover a wide range of successful mobile-learning scenarios.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Lessons from several high-profile, international mLearning projects, drawing out key success criteria, exploring some of the more significant differences, and evaluating the underpinning learning design
  • Emerging best mLearning practices from around the world
  • How to apply all this to your own mLearning efforts