mLearning has become the next big thing for training organizations. Delivering content for mobile devices, however, has been a bit of a mystery…until now. Many people believe you need to outsource content to third-party vendors to create mLearning apps. This session will demonstrate that this is not the case.

Participants in this session will explore how many training organizations can build and deliver mobile content today, using software and hardware tools you already have and use. You’ll see real-world examples of eLearning — for both iPad and Android devices — developed with some of the most standard tools for eLearning development, including Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Acrobat, and audio hardware/software. You’ll also learn about the many free and open-source tools you can use as alternatives. From creating videos to using HTML5 to using simple things such as PDFs and audio in training, you will learn how to develop and deliver content that your audiences can enjoy on any mobile device.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can use your existing tools to create mLearning
  • How you can use video to deliver powerful and engaging content
  • How to create audio podcasts in three simple steps
  • How to create mobile-ready documents