Everyone seems to be talking about mLearning these days. What many people are missing, though, is that mLearning is not taking a compliance course on a tablet, or viewing a PowerPoint on a smartphone before a meeting. To meet the ever-changing needs of learners, content cannot be one-size-fits-all; a highly relevant piece of content may be a waste of time to a different learner. Instead, mLearning is about personalized learning experiences; meeting learners where they are as individuals, not as a group. Mobile-content personalization is giving a learner easy and immediate access to the specific content each individual learner needs — anytime, anywhere — using the devices and apps the learner already carries and uses every day.

Participants in this session will discuss the advantages of personalizing mobile-learning content, examine how to effectively leverage learners’ current mobile devices and apps, learn how to leverage the cloud to personalize mLearning experiences based on learners’ profile and their individual needs, and explore why having learners in control of their mLearning experiences is crucial for success. You’ll learn how you can use Web portals and learning channels to allow your learners to gather nuggets of information they have personally chosen to create learning experiences that are both unique and highly effective.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of creating mLearning experiences and not just content
  • How to take advantage of all the different parts on mobile devices
  • How to leverage apps learners are using already
  • How to leverage the cloud to deliver personalized learning experiences