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Online Forums 2012 - December 6, 2012
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Jeff Tillett

Instructional Technologist & Learning Media Producer
Mojocat Creative Services

There's a lot of buzz about mLearning, and organizations are struggling to determine how best to utilize mobile technologies to enhance learning. Do we convert all our eLearning to mobile? What if everything is in Flash and will not work on an iTouch/iPhone/iPad? Should we buy everyone tablets? Mobile technologies are disruptive — or better yet, a game changer. We need to look at this emerging technology as an opportunity for a soft reset in our approach to learning.

Participants in this session will explore how you can use mobile to enhance your organization’s learning and development. You’ll explore current mobile technologies and platforms, and how organizations are leveraging mobile as a way not only to deliver training, but also for performance support. You’ll see how you need to shape content deferentially for mobile delivery and why, examine why mobile needs to be part of a blended approach, look at ways to develop a strategy that leverages the strengths of mobile, and learn how to begin formalizing an mLearning strategy for your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the current state of mobile technologies
  • About mobile platforms and operating systems
  • Why mobile is a game changer for learning
  • From some mLearning case studies
  • How to explore if mLearning might fit into your organization


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