From its quiet beginnings in 2004, HTML5 has seemingly burst into view in the past year and a half. This latest version of HTML drives websites and applications in the latest mobile phones and tablets, and is a key component of the forthcoming Windows 8. It is rapidly displacing Adobe Flash as the technology of choice for web-based interactions, though the tools for authoring HTML5 lag behind.

This session will introduce learning professionals to HTML5. Participants will examine HTML5’s key features, the kinds of rich interactions it can deliver, and what skills are required for working with this markup language. You’ll also see how to provide compatibility with older browsers and look at some learning-related features of HTML5 coming in the near future. Learning professionals experienced in designing and/or developing eLearning interactions will have the most to gain from this session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the parts of HTML5 you can use to re-implement common learning interactions
  • How to create a personal learning path for this new version of HTML
  • How to locate resources for learning HTML5, tools for development, and resources for working with legacy browsers
  • How to locate common resources for developing courseware using HTML5