Some of the most useful learning happens when experts share small bits of key knowledge, or micro-expertise, with others. Building micro-expertise into your learning programs can be an effective way to share these important bits of knowledge, but what’s the best way of gathering that micro-expertise from your experts?

Participants in this session will examine a case study on the use of internal crowdsourced video in a learning program for leaders. You’ll explore how using video in a collaborative way can provide measurable value for learning. You’ll see how using video allows multiple experts to share their expertise in small, easily consumable forms. You’ll discuss the unexpected benefits and outcomes of this project. In the end, you’ll gain a new perspective on ways to use video to support creative, collaborative, measurable learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The value in gathering micro-expertise
  • How to use video to gather or support learning
  • Ways to measure success in informal learning
  • How others could do this themselves