Many instructional designers (IDs) get thrown into project-lead roles with little or no project-management training or support. They often struggle in this role, not having the skills and knowledge they need to be successful — or as successful as they could be.

Participants in this session will learn about unique project-management issues related to eLearning and unique ways to adapt generic project-management techniques and tools to address those issues. You’ll see specific examples, samples, and tools from real eLearning projects. You’ll examine ways to successfully manage stakeholder expectations through education, consultation, negotiation, and status updates. You’ll review project planning, including how a successful project lead manages dependencies, collaboration, handoffs, and reviews. You’ll look at what successful project leads use to manage eLearning quality, including test plans, approval matrices, and change-control tools. And finally, you’ll explore time-proven methods for keeping eLearning projects on time and on budget.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify systemic challenges when leading eLearning projects
  • How to apply time-proven techniques for successfully managing eLearning projects
  • How to adapt commonly used generic project-management tools to manage eLearning projects more effectively
  • How to modify the eLearning development process to produce higher quality solutions on time and on budget