The end game for most learning-content-management strategies is simply to duplicate successes formerly achieved through standard, custom-one-off development with a more efficient and automated approach. For some organizations, though, something seemingly miraculous happens along the way that opens up new paths, new learning products, new channels of delivery, and more. Separating content from presentation — a core tactic of learning-content management — not only future-proofs your content, it can also sparks innovations in ways previously unimagined.

Participants in this session will tour innovative uses of content management, such as context-sensitive language training that adapts to a learner's environment and needs, embedding interactive exercises when using social-learning groups, allowing end users to create their own textbooks on the fly, sharing product knowledge with sales associates at the point-of-sell, and synchronized job aides and performance evaluations.  You′ll learn to think outside the box when designing and deploying learning-content management in your own organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define a “North Star” for your learning-content-management implementation (3-year event horizon)
  • How content management can support innovation beyond standard content development
  • Tips and techniques for adapting single-source development to your business needs
  • Ideas for expanding learning channels within your organization
  • How to apply learning-content management to social and informal learning