During this Online Forum, you have learned about many facets of using audio and visuals in eLearning: incorporating original art, building your own production studio, effectively incorporating audio, developing screencasts, using podcasts, integrating non-linear video, creating comic strips, and leveraging 3D worlds. But what does the future hold for multimedia in eLearning? Will the dreaded bulleted-text slide cease to exist? Will production value overshadow design and content? Will eLearning professionals need to develop more multimedia-production skills?

Participants in this session will examine recent trends in multimedia use for eLearning, and explore how multimedia will drive eLearning design and development over the next several years. You’ll discuss cutting-edge multimedia technologies and techniques in use today, and what new technologies and techniques are coming soon.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why multimedia is effective in eLearning
  • How multimedia has become easier to incorporate in eLearning
  • How multimedia is used in eLearning today
  • How multimedia will drive eLearning in the future
  • About today’s and tomorrow’s cutting-edge multimedia technologies and techniques