Using video in Adobe Flash has typically been confined to linear presentations or other variations that result in passive consumption. Trying to engage learners in the workplace with passive media can be an uphill battle. While integrating interactions, animation, and shorter (linear) video into course materials can be helpful, doing so remains a technical challenge. So how can you efficiently create immersive eLearning where video is the starting point for learner interaction rather than the focal point of passive consumption?

Using storytelling as the basis for presenting learning material is a key concept in transforming passive presentations into active interaction, so participants in this session will learn how to identify opportunities for interaction in video; take a developer’s approach to scripting interactive video; implement scripts using XML and Flash to define user-decision points and consequences (branching); and integrate non-video, context-specific elements with video.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Some questions that help transform information to stories
  • How to identify opportunities for interaction in your stories
  • How to plan a branching-video shoot
  • How to use XML to define interaction with video in Adobe Flash and manage the learners’ environment
  • How to use events in Adobe Flash to control video and other elements