With constant bombardment of information and numerous ways to access the Internet, learners have become selective about where and how they learn. Gaining and holding these learners’ attention requires elegant eLearning that enthralls. But how do we know what is elegant and enthralling, and how do we build elegant, enthralling eLearning courses for today’s discerning learners?

Participants in this session will learn about Ray’s experience in developing very high-end, very multimedia-rich eLearning content that enthralls learners. You’ll learn how to engage learners with elegant design; how to enhance the quality of eLearning to catch the attention of learners, leaders, and champions; and how to increase the quality of your eLearning programs in the most cost-efficient ways. You’ll also see several examples and demos of elegant, enthralling eLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop eLearning with the same quality and touch as Jimmy Choo shoes or Pierre Cardin neckties
  • What learning scientists say about how rich-media experiences can highly impact learning
  • What development approach optimizes cutting-edge tools
  • How to merge the visual, artistic, navigational, multimedia, and learning experiences
  • The steps for developing elegant and enthralling eLearning
  • The type of talent you need to develop enthralling eLearning