People have always been visual. Cave paintings are visual. Maps in the sand are visual. Books are visual. The world is visual. The newest technologies such as augmented reality, facial and gesture recognition, and 3-D televisions and games not only bring the visual back to the forefront, but they also provide tools for people to generate their own visual content. We need to re-learn how to effectively communicate using visuals.

Participants in this session will take a brief look at current theories on how the brain processes information, particularly visual information. You’ll then look at the top new visual technologies, and learn how to apply current theories to make your designs more effective by taking advantage of how the brain works.

In this session, you will learn:


  • How the brain processes information
  • What new technologies take advantage of that processing
  • Which technologies are more about new and shiny and which might provide real value
  • What's next in the field of visual technology