How do you craft a message to persuade others to act differently or to believe in something? Even more challenging, how do you communicate persuasively when people cannot even see you, and may be multitasking?

Participants in this session will learn how to achieve maximum persuasive impact with words. You’ll learn principles for influential communication that you can use face-to-face or online, whether you train or inform. How can you tap into the concept of social proof to solidify the credibility of your message in a blind medium? How can you combine logic and emotion for the perfect persuasive balance? Should you use logic or emotion first? What phrases weaken your message? What are some of the most persuasive phrases in the English language (the answer will surprise you)? Come and learn how to be a persuasive communicator and an irresistable influencer — even from a distance.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Research-proven principles for influential communication
  • Principles for being persuasive when others are multitasking
  • Highly practical techniques to get any audience to act and consider you worthy of their attention