Many organizations are looking for ways to incorporate QR (Quick Response) codes, Microsoft Tags, and other two-dimensional mobile tagging codes into their eLearning efforts. The Philips Learning Center currently serves over 350,000 allied health professionals, delivering over 650 accredited courses online to meet health professionals’ continuing-education requirements. Philips is currently using QR codes to facilitate learning, and has learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Participants in this session will learn some of the history of tagging codes and how tagging codes, scanning apps, and mobile devices work together. You’ll also brainstorm with your peers about ways your own organization might use tagging codes for eLearning or other purposes.

In this session you will learn:

  • About the history of tagging codes
  • About two popular codes: QR & Microsoft Tag
  • How to create codes/tags
  • How to get the right code reader for your device
  • How Philips applied scan technology to our website
  • How you might use tagging codes in your own organization