Training departments often develop assessments and evaluations as a final component of training design — an add-on to content. But assessments and evaluations provide stakeholders with critical data regarding workforce capability, and they should be the core of your learning strategy. This session will explore strategies to shift from the common content-centric development paradigm to focus learning strategy on enhanced assessment and evaluation to provide more high-value data to stakeholders regarding workforce capability and training’s contribution to the business.

Participants in this session will learn techniques for evaluating reporting needs, and explore several designs that could address many of the needs using different content-embedding strategies. Understanding that evaluation is a critical focus area for most training departments, you’ll learn how to leverage tools to more successfully gather and report on training's contribution to the business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to decide between different content-embedding strategies to use in your organization
  • Techniques to provide valuable data for ALL levels of evaluation
  • Techniques to collect multiple measures to validate metrics and enable aggregation or parsing of collected data
  • Techniques to adapt assessment assets at many levels for reuse in multiple contexts
  • A simple tool to expand one good question into deep question banks