A common complaint from students of online learning is “My instructor was missing!” Online learning that is impersonal and lacks a human touch can have an alienating effect on learners. If your e-learning program is floating out there in cyberspace without a human anchor, you risk losing your learners.

Participants in this session will see examples of how several faculty members at the University of California - Irvine have incorporated video and audio in their online classes to make the learning experience more engaging. This session will help you think of new ways to incorporate video of your SMEs or instructors into your online or blended learning programs in ways that do not bore the YouTube generation and that give your SMEs or instructors a visible presence in the virtual classroom.

In this session, you will learn:

  • That not all video needs to have high-production values to be worthwhile
  • The value of creating high-context, low-complexity video “on the fly” to make online classes more real-time experiences
  • How novice technophiles can be introduced to the possibilities of using video in a low-cost but high-impact manner