Can you accurately estimate how much time it will take or how much it will cost you to build a one-hour online course? Can you estimate consistently and repeatedly, then consistently drive down that development time? This session will provide real numbers from real projects with real results. You will see the type of content developed, how fast it can be developed, and how much it should cost. You will see a variety of e-Learning samples, with details for each on achievable development times and costs.

Participants in this session will learn about the specific development process for each type of e-Learning project: “traditional” or XML-based, rapid (Articulate, Integrator), mLearning, and podcasts. For each process, you will see actual courses and budgets, and how the process supports consistent content development. You will learn how to reduce development times through software, templates, reusable objects or knowledge, budgeting of development hours, process controls, and project management.

In this session, you will learn:


  • How to quantify the development process by hours
  • How to create realistic and repeatable budgets for e-Learning development projects
  • How to consistently control project costs
  • Techniques and approaches to consistently drive down development time
  • How to monetize the “savings” — making sure you don't give away all your benefits!