Step onto the Performance Improvement Landscape and join the expedition and discover how Performance Architecture can provide a blueprint for the design and alignment of performance in organizations. Our tour will include a view of the Landscape and its key elements. We will provide a Performance Map, case studies and a performance perspective of the organization. Roger, Carol and Lynn have designed several side trips to expand your use of the principles and practices of Performance Improvement Technology as they relate to and support Performance Architecture.

In this session, we will:

  • Define Performance Architecture
  • Introduce you to the Performance Landscape and identify the key building blocks of Performance Improvement
  • Look at a powerful Performance Diagnostic/Prescriptive Tool and review a Case Study
  • Share lessons we have learned from our experiences as Performance Consultants


Session Video

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Roger Addison

Founder, Addison Consulting

Carol Haig

Founder, Carol Haig & Associates

Lynn Kearny

CPT and consultant