As talent development professionals, we are often seen as order-takers, even though we offer much more than that to our organizations. We routinely conduct assessments and perform analyses that position us to make impactful recommendations beyond training solutions. So how do we amplify our voices and expand our influence as trusted partners and true performance consultants?

In this session, you'll learn how boosting your consulting skills can increase your impact as a talent development professional, regardless of your role. Diving into each step of a consulting process, you'll first learn about key discovery information to gather and then how to gain agreement on expectations. After considering options for research and analysis, you'll explore the critical step of preparing your results using framing, data visualization, and storytelling techniques. Finally, you'll learn how to successfully guide a consultative discussion using tips grounded in brain science. You'll leave this active session with practical ideas, tools, and knowledge you can immediately start using.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to increase your impact by following a highly scalable consulting process
  • How to gain agreement on expectations using an easy 3-step method
  • How to effectively say "no" to a request
  • How to bolster your skills with consulting hacks related to active listening, confidence, data visualization, storytelling, and cognitive biases


Session Video