Most designers attending a conference like this are committed to creating accessible content but they frequently struggle to have their suggestions for increasing accessibility gain traction. Even if their organization mirrors their commitment, the enormity of the task of creating fully accessible content can be so intimidating that it shuts down meaningful progress. Creating accessible content may not be “simple” but there are some relatively simple approaches that can be used to help jump-start the process.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify and mitigate stakeholder concerns through core instructional design methods
  • Implement accessibility initiatives using approachable methods for creating more accessible content
  • Evaluate emerging technology and exploring how AI is increasing the capabilities of assistive and adaptive technology


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Kyle Kemble

Instructional Designer, Lindenwood University

Kaitlyn Maxwell

Instructional Designer, Lindenwood University

Adam Valencic

Director of Global Design Services, Lindenwood University