L&D teams always struggle with finding ways to demonstrate the impact of their efforts. Even as many companies turn to microlearning as an alternative to longer-format eLearning modules, they may still find it difficult to connect their efforts to improvements in results or movements in KPIs.

Why? Because gathering, organizing, and correlating data is tough. At least, it used to be. Some analytics tools require a graduate-level understanding of statistics to learn and use—but not Power BI. This free tool from Microsoft makes it easy for you to rapidly create a custom suite of dashboards and craft reports and data visualizations that can demonstrate the impact of training to managers or convince executives that eLearning correlates to improvements in KPIs.

In this session, you’ll learn the skills to build dashboards to demonstrate the impact of your microlearning program by correlating training and operational results.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Download and use Power BI
  • Create custom dashboards using the drag and drop widgets
  • Load and visualize your training and microlearning data
  • Import operational data, such as KPIs or sales data, and correlate it to your training data to demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of your microlearning project
  • Share your PowerBI dashboard with others in your organization


Session Video