Dr. Britt Andreatta, an internationally recognized learning thought leader and author, is best known for her expertise in creating brain science–based training solutions. She has developed highly effective training programs for change management, creating high-performing teams, and highly effective managers. But how could she deliver expert material and also guarantee that learners would not only be able to demonstrate the knowledge, but change their behavior as a result?

In this session you’ll learn how video-based practice and assessment enable experiential learning, skill validation, and coaching at scale. Andreatta’s content creates opportunities for practice, demonstration, analysis, and collaboration, and provides evaluators with a tangible learning outcome through video versus traditional assessment. Not only is there value in her brain science concepts that inform and enhance critical skills for upskilling employees, but her programs provide customers with a guaranteed positive return on investment because of her use of video technology within her programs. You’ll learn how she was able to weave video assignments throughout her training programs, and the impact it had on her customers. Not only did it result in better knowledge retention but changed behavior, creating more impactful, high-performing individuals.


Session Video