This webinar showcases one of the best-rated, most popular sessions, speakers, or topics from DevLearn  2017 Conference & Expo, now available to all through this special online presentation.

You may have heard about user experience (UX) design. You probably know a thing or two about gamification by now. But what does it mean to apply them together to create an engaging learning experience? What new angles do you need to think of when bringing the two together, and how can combining these two concepts lead to a greater impact on your audience than they could accomplish alone?

In this case-study session, you’ll learn how Rogers Communications successfully integrated UX design and gamification into an online training course. You’ll find out how to move from principles into practice with both concepts; how common UX ideas like user testing and visual design can specifically enhance gamified experiences; and how to adapt to the common challenges you might face when creating a project that blends gamification and thoughtful UX design together. You’ll also learn how to use UX as the overall framework for any engagement technique you adopt.