The worlds of training and education are being rapidly transformed by numerous factors. All of these trends are creating the need for more effective and experiential ways of learning. Content curation will serve as both an asset and an opportunity for learning professionals who take advantage of it.

In this session, you will examine numerous examples of curation being used to transform education and training. You will see how curation can be used as a tool for learning professionals and learners to co-create custom learning resources. You’ll discover curation’s role in learning personalization and the ability to create custom learning paths. You’ll discuss how curation can be used as a new approach to learning and education that focuses on scrutiny and analysis. Through these and other examples, you will discover how the world of curation can be applied to the world of organizational learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The opportunities curation presents for education
  • How to get learners involved in the curation process
  • How to use the act of curation as a learning activity
  • How curation can help learning organizations move faster and stay more competitive