Jane Bozarth’s career in L&D has been spent in state government, so working with minimal budgets and resources has always been a challenge. In fact, her master’s thesis was adapted and published in 2005 as her first book, eLearning Solutions on a Shoestring. Through her years of work in the industry, Jane has come up with a major takeaway from successful projects: It isn’t big budgets and expensive tools that are key to developing effective solutions—it’s strategy, processes, and people’s overall approach.

This session will focus on the strategy and processes that can help you make fantastic learning experiences even without a huge budget. You’ll look at approaches that can help you find more effective solutions faster; mindsets that can change how much time and energy you invest in what you create; and ways that free social tools can shift how you share content with your audience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to approach the “buy vs. build” decision
  • How to focus on learner success (reality matters)
  • How to recognize “good enough” and when less really is more in your projects
  • How overengineering a solution can harm, rather than support, learning
  • How new social tools can offer new solutions

Please Note: Handouts available post-event.