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Instructional Development Spotlight 2016 - July 20, 2016

Trina Rimmer

Sr. Manager of Marketing and Customer Engagement

Effective project management is critical to the success of most eLearning projects. It’s what makes sure all of the individual pieces of the program are delivered on time, on budget, and at the quality defined in the project scope. In short, project management is what keeps eLearning projects on track. Unfortunately, project management is also something that the designers and/or developers need to focus on when there isn’t a dedicated project manager for a particular project.

In this session, you’ll examine tips for managing projects when project management is just one of the hats you wear on a project. You’ll explore the importance of defining the project in the absence of a dedicated project manager, and how to take on and balance project leadership without being formally assigned a project manager role. You will leave this session with a number of tips to help you juggle project management tasks with your regular design and development responsibilities.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to balance project management design and development
  • Tips for defining the scope of a project
  • How to take on project management leadership
  • Tips for troubleshooting your course


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