Outside of live training and coaching, video provides employees with the most engaging way to learn new concepts, brush up on old skills, and share their expertise. Yet despite its value as a learning medium, video still hasn’t crossed the tipping point as a technology for formal and informal corporate learning.

Recent advances in video technology and shifting workforce culture are changing that. The rise of the “corporate YouTube,” the ability to search inside video content for any spoken word, and workflow-free media production are making video more accessible to L&D teams and individual employees. Similarly, demographic and pedagogical trends, including the flipped classroom, user-generated learning content, and the flood of Millennials in the workplace, are changing employee expectations about how video can be used to share information. If you’re in charge of your organization’s learning initiatives, this session will prepare you for the imminent wave of video and give you ideas for how to incorporate multimedia into both formal and informal learning strategies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About six trends in video learning technology that impact how you train employees
  • About three cultural trends impacting the use of video for learning
  • Where all of this is headed in the future

Any level manager, director, or executive responsible for formal or informal learning initiatives within their organization. Attendees should have a baseline understanding of how video is currently used for eLearning initiatives.